Scheduling Tasks in Panther
Subject:   utterly irresponsible
Date:   2004-03-06 10:28:52
From:   duncan
Response to: utterly irresponsible

I appreciate your concern. However, I do want to point out that the book that this text was excerpted from is not for novices. You can see this in the book description, which starts off with the line Running Mac OS X Panther is the ultimate Swiss Army Knife™ for power users who want to customize, tweak, and generally rev up their Mac.

As well, the page I've referred to contains a lengthy discussion on the rules of engagement for using strata-1 and strata-2 timeservers.

Finally, even though it's not clearly stated in the text, my intention for showing how to change your time server was to allow people to change their machines to point at a time server a local network admin might have set up. (Yes, not all Mac users are home users) I will make sure to state this clearly, as well as to put a warning in about using strata-1 timeservers, into the next revision of the book.