Scheduling Tasks in Panther
Subject:   G5 Status report while I'm away . . .
Date:   2004-03-07 16:35:16
I have a G5 at work and I'd like to leave it on 24/7. However, I turn it off each night before I leave and restart in the morning because I am afraid that something may go wrong when I am gone. Is there anyway that I could use a scheduling task to alert me via email (or cell phone) that my system is in trouble? I have the processors saturated at 100% (all the time, but nice-ed) and I am basically afraid that my machine will overheat. No troubles yet, but I hate to have my system go into TURBO FAN mode while I am out of the office -- it would certainly draw attention to the only Mac in the building. email me at rb838 (at) columbia (dot) edu

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  1. James Duncan Davidson photo G5 Status report while I'm away . . .
    2004-03-07 21:47:18  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

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