Scheduling Tasks in Panther
Subject:   man for commandline virex
Date:   2004-03-08 08:26:52
From:   mgresko
Response to: man for commandline virex

/usr/local/vscanx/vscanx /var -r -v --summary -c --exclude /usr/local/vscanx/excludefd is what i use.

/usr/local/vscanx/vscanx is the command
/ is where i am starting my scan from
-r -v --summary means scans directories beneath the root directory / and be verbose and i want a summary at the end
-c means clean the infected files
--exclude /usr/local/vscanx/excludefd is any files you want to exclude

if you want to only scan the var folder and not the folders beneath it and wanted to scan every single file in the var folder you would use /usr/local/vscanx/vscanx /var -v --summary -c