Installing Oracle 9iR2 on Red Hat 9
Subject:   problems with LSSV
Date:   2004-03-08 14:09:25
From:   danstraw

Great install guide - saved my life

I had another couple of problems installing on red hat 9, and thought I'd share my solutions here.

It came at the end of the install, when the insaller prompts you to run $ORACLE_HOME/

All progresses nicely until I get an error when it gets to installing the LSSV product:

Starting RPM to install the Legato Single Server Version (LSSV) product.
Form more information, please refer to the Linux installation section
in the LSSV Installation Guide at

error: Failed dependencies: is needed by orclclnt-nw_lssv.Build.71-1

which was solved by downloading ncurses4-5.0-11.i386.rpm and installing:
rpm -Uvh ncurses4-5.0-11.i386.rpm

I tried re-running, and then get another error:
LSSV successfully installed on [snip]!
error: Failed dependencies:
/bin/ksh is needed by orclserv-nw_lssv.Build.71-1

which was solved by downloading pdksh-5.2.14-13.i386.rpm and installing :
rpm -Uvh pdksh-5.2.14-13.i386.rpm

Thanks to the article here:

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  1. problems with LSSV
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