An Open Source File Updater
Subject:   A note from the author
Date:   2001-05-31 13:54:17
From:   simon450
The sample update file isn't intended to be just a sample, at some point it will become an entire set of updates. The reason it isn't yet is that it only carries updates for software that is relatively new (I started writing this application as an application for my workgroup, then adapted the files. I don't have older updates in because this project isn't very old).

As a matter of fact, if anyone feels like working with this file, I could use someone with the capabilities to do this. I won't always be available to work on this project.

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  1. Appreciated
    2001-05-31 16:42:04  Corvus [View]

    • Re: Appreciated
      2001-05-31 17:20:34  simon450 [View]

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