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Subject:   Re: Appreciated
Date:   2001-05-31 17:20:34
From:   simon450
Response to: Appreciated

The XML version will hopefully have a good update preparation tool (which works at the moment, but can't do things like copy and paste things because it relies on dialog boxes) which allows you to edit and create updates.

At the moment I am trying to avoid anything else which operates on the older configuration file. However, if you want to try to set up a server, I suggest you download update9.txt and use it as a template. The file format is not extremely difficult to understand, although that might just be my opinion because I have been working with it on a daily basis for a few months.

I don't know that much Perl, if that accounts for the problems with the CGI. I'm not even sure how to create an XML version of the update submission CGI.

BTW, the update submission tool does work on SourceForge. I use it to put the updates up. However, some strange characters (at least on the server side) end up in the directions sometimes.

Sometime soon I'm hoping to have time to read "Learning Perl" and at that point I'll try to improve the CGI.

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