Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   O'Reilly is just hedging its bet and should say so !
Date:   2001-06-01 01:33:48
From:   toboy should be bold enough to say that you're just hedging your bets should .NET succeed, instead of crowing about how .NET could help the OSS community (what a load of pooo). Be brave. Oreilly you're not resistant to the power of the mighty $$$. And what makes you think you're Open source info king ?, the web does a better job of informing the OSS community than O'Reilly ever can. Microsoft is wrong by thinking that by bribing you, your influence will win over the OSS community to .NYET BLAH !.

I'm off to , they know more about Java than you /**SUCKERS**/ ever will !