Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   What a big lie !
Date:   2001-06-01 02:11:45
From:   toboy
"First, the .NET platform and its growing array of tools promises to radically simplify development of web-enabled applications, such as web services, in ways that Visual Studio did for desktop applications. The open source community has been playing catch-up in this arena for years and no real alternatives exist. "

if this came from any other source, I wont complain much and will put it down to ignorance - but O'Reily ? something fishy is going on here.

So JBuilder, Forte, VisualAge, NetBeans (best IDE I've ever used and ytes that includes V Studio), IBM WSDK (first full web services SDK) are not "real alternatives" , come on O'Reily, you guys are unto something - at least you have to know that the likes of myself who have grown up swearing by many great O'Reily books should be smart enough to know what a bare faced lie is.

I've trusted O'Reily for so long - but now that I know what the power of the mighty D$$ can do - I'll have to look elsewhere - anyone !

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  1. What a big lie !
    2001-06-02 03:36:03  sjatkins [View]

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