Making Screen-Capture Movies
Subject:   VNC + ...
Date:   2004-03-11 01:26:52
From:   oak
Response to: VNC + ...

...And one can run an X11 program with VNC, using the Xvnc server.

Btw. I happened to mention RMS that vnc2swf augments nicely bug reporting. He's reply was that there's no Open Source viewer for Flash... which got me thinking:

  • There's a simple VNC client for the new X server which uses the new Damage extension to track the areas changed on screen

  • Adding a feature to that which saves the changed areas directly, e.g. in compressed RFB format used by VNC, would be nice. Making the same program to be able to play these files too (instead of connecting to a VNC server) would complete this feature

  • For distributing these files to non-X11 (Windows) users, the regular VNC (Java?) browser plugin could be enhanced with a support for these compressed RFB file

All in all, this shouldn't be that much work, right?