Scheduling Tasks in Panther
Subject:   XJanitor
Date:   2004-03-12 04:08:52
From:   alunap
Nice article, thanks. Someone mentioned anacron. I also have that problem of running scheduled tasks on my powerbook. As an alternative to Anacron, could I recommend XJanitor? I have used it for some months now, and it works really well. It is a single file (a perl script), which you put, eg, in your ~/Library/Scripts folder. Then comment out the three lines calling periodic in /etc/crontab and replace with a single call to every 5 minutes. This checks to see whether a scheduled task should have run and hasn't. I use it to do daily backups to my iDisk mirror, knowing it will be properly backed up next time I log on. Could use Backup, but that only allows a single machine to backup to .Mac, and it does it for my desktop machine. This has been mentioned in a comment for another article here on Panther maintenance.