Will Mono Become the Preferred Platform for Linux Development?
Subject:   MS & Mono
Date:   2004-03-12 12:39:36
From:   sab
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OK.. this is gonna look like a troll, but honest.. it aint. I just can't believe this much work is being put into something that could end up litigated to death. We've already seen that you don't have to really prove that someone is using your stuff.. all you have to do is allege that they are (the letters 'S', 'C' and 'O' come to mind).
I trust MS as far as I could throw them. If you're in bed with these guys you better have really thought about your escape route because when they roll over you stand a good chance of being crushed.
Ask yourself. Why would MS actually WANT people to implement .NET on Linux? Because they want to be liked? Because they want to show the world that they really ARE nice guys and want to give back? Hello! Wake up! You're living in a wonderland.
If MS has no ace up their sleeve and Linux starts to take chunks from their revenue stream do you think they will simply let it slide? DON'T trust them, SUN did and from the cursory view I've given .NET it looks like a pretty good clone of the Java VM with a whole pile of languages on top.
If you want to build a better platform and release it to the world sans strings then create it yourself. Relying on someone elses proprietary work and their good graces is like dancing in a minefield, dance long enough and you're gonna get hurt.
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