Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Re: What a big lie !
Date:   2001-06-01 20:50:52
From:   juantay
Response to: What a big lie !

As I see it, the synergy between Sun and IBM, employees going from Sun to IBM etc., I'm guessing was created by Sun to create a cooperative atmosphere between the two companies and in the end as I see it, it worked.

Now both are great supporters of Open Source. Sun Micro is inventing and then giving away
things like crazy it seems and when you ask yourself why, the answer is most assuredly,
at least in part, to DEFEAT Microsoft.

We are in a WAR! Do you know what it is to for a big company to give things away feverishly
and not even say WHY they are giving things away? IBM appears to me to support all of this and it's as if they are competing with Sun in a friendly manner.

Now could Sun create such a loving cooperation with Microsoft??, that is for people from Microsoft to go over to Sun and vice versa. no Way! It would never work because Microsoft is too
far gone in their mentality.

Now then, O'Reilly wants to create this same kind of communication channel to Microsoft.
O'Reilly wants to work with (and work on) Microsoft so to speak. But what they don't realize
is how strong Microsoft actually is, what an incredibly smooth talker Bill Gates is e.g., and
that they can really have no influence. The only way to defeat Microsoft is to surround them by
creating Innovation in many different places. Then Complexity will soon tire them.

Now I'm not a Microsoft Hater. I believe that Microsoft is excellent in many areas of
Business. But it's their tactics. C# should not even exist because it's purely an attack on
the momentum of Java. This is not true cooperation in the industry. This is not playing
well with others! C#'s innards were constructed to compete with Java so it would be completely heretical for a Java Developer to embrace C#. He would be betraying openness and cooperation and innovation, this special vision, this dream in the industry in a very direct way. Yet O'Reilly
does a piece on the creme de la creme of taboo's for Java Developers??

As I said before, this is a WAR. The 'Open Community' really has no choice but
to be part of it. Now the O'Reilly Network advertises itself as one of these 'Open Communities' that look toward the future. Yet they invite the sworn enemy of open source??

Not even IBM would do such a thing.


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