The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   Sun Bashing
Date:   2001-06-01 23:44:18
From:   raytaft

Hi Folks - Long time listener, first time caller.

Adam, this timing of this article seems remarkably ironic seeing you took $4M smakaroos from Intel to deliver something conceptually identical. Do the words “Politically tone deaf” mean anything?

Driving the P2P community away from a technology because you are frightened about it, (or the long arm of Intel), really makes your position look weak to those who are keeping open minds about where we need to go to monetize P2P.

I am certainly not saying that Sun nailed it, quite the obvious, however this position, this article you wrote, is a counter marketing point and will only confuse those with less than an acute attention for the obvious.


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  1. Sun Bashing
    2001-06-22 12:11:48  agl [View]

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