Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   What about SunONE
Date:   2001-06-02 08:40:39
From:   juantay
"First, the .NET platform and its growing array of tools promises to radically simplify development of web-enabled applications, such as web services, in ways that Visual Studio did for desktop applications. The open source community has been playing catch-up in this arena for years and no real alternatives exist."

Geee, I wonder why real alternatives do not exist. I WONDER Why?? Maybe because while people are busy at work with new ideas there is always someone over their heads ready to trip them up?

Now in this quote you seem to be saying that no alternatives Will exist outside of .NET. Don't you think this is a bit untrue since SunONE is Way ahead of .NET?

Are you going to have SunONE in here with a folder as well or are you only going to have .NET?