Weblog:   Bluetooth Phones and Mac OS X in Perfect Sync
Subject:   6820 bluetooth
Date:   2004-03-16 07:43:38
From:   teedlo
I just got the nokia 6820, I thought it would be the perfect phone. The one problem is that its not running symbian. Isync will not work with the phone and neither will the Share2Blue2th. Does anyone know why apple isnt going to support the non symbian nokia phones with isync. It looks like the Nokia 6600 will be the perfect phone when it gets to AT&T. I have unlocked the 6820 and hopefully can sell it and buy the 6600 someday. Assclown

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  1. 6820 bluetooth
    2005-10-15 06:32:51  chinarut [View]

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