Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   Great Series... Didn't Work though
Date:   2001-06-02 10:29:06
From:   mikebeam
Response to: Great Series... Didn't Work though


I'm not near my computer right now (and won'T be for the rest of the month), so i can't check to see if the 'Save' and 'Open' menu items are greyed out, but i'm thinking that they should be active regardless of any code we've added. I don'T know exactly what to suggest. Maybe start the project with a fresh file and check the status of those particular file menu items and see if they are still in active at different points. Just another thought, did you accidentally create a 'Cocoa Application' rather than the 'Cocoa Document Based Application'? I hope this helps. If anyone else has any thoughts, please post them here. Good luck!

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