ONJava Reader Survey
Subject:   Frustrating experience...
Date:   2004-03-18 02:16:55
From:   bazzargh
I tried filling in the Mac one with Moz 1.6, but the form jumped about so much (getting URLs with fragments on the end[1]) that I gave up; its not my primary platform. I thought I'd give it a better go with the OnJava one. Well, after putting up with the frustrating jumps I got to what appeared to be the end of the form... except its not. The bottom of the form isn't appearing any more (and that means the submit button). AAAAGH.

I can't see me doing this again in IE, though.


[1] Looking at the source...shile doing a href="#" is bad practice, the return false in the onclicks on the page should have prevented the jumping page syndrome. Can't immediately see why this is happening.

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  1. Frustrating experience...
    2004-03-18 05:15:33  bazzargh [View]

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