What I Hate About Your Programming Language
Subject:   Why C sucks...
Date:   2004-03-18 07:15:41
From:   kuashio
Response to: Why C sucks...

My comment is very similar to all others'

I think you are VERY wrong about "Why C sucks"... Actually, I think that your article has only one thing wrong: the title. It should be titled: "Why C Rules..."

And what's all that about newbies? (a.k.a. lamers)
C does not become newbies! Period.

All the things you mention in your bad-language-based article as being "bad" about C, are actually the things I love about it.

Boolean variables force you to write more code, resulting in larger and slower programs. Is it that hard to believe that "false", "NULL", '\0', etc. all equal ZERO in C?

And don't mess with the ?: ternary operator. Even Visual BASIC (a programming language intended for retards) has a function called "iif()" that does the same thing (sort of).

That's about it. Thanks for reading.