A Musician's Take on File Sharing, DRM, and Copyleft Licensing
Subject:   Times Are A-Changin'
Date:   2004-03-18 14:04:11
From:   ssauble
I think a closer examination of the evolution of the music industry is well-needed.

Profit should occur mostly from performance, as it has for centuries.

There are reasons why small artists struggle to rise into the spotlight. Music is power. It has fallen among the hands of CEOs. I believe this is crucial in understanding the actions of the big-5.

One thing, I believe, is sure. We must not lend them a docile ear. We must uphold and respect the aspects of humanity and the core values we intuitively retain that shape and form our virtue. Commercialism is a spit in the eye to art, to God (in whatever form), to human perseverance.

Music and Art must be upheld in the education of our youth. We must teach our children how to be human, how to pursue wisdom. We must teach our children to question institution, as in Emerson's words, they are only the lengthed shadow of another man.

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  1. Times Are A-Changin'
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