Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   Any ideas
Date:   2001-06-04 11:54:26
From:   gadge47
This is off topic I guess but I can't think of where else to ask.

Does anyone know how I would go about extending this text editor to moniter input and do auto-correction? E.g. replace all typed instances of "teh" with "the." I checked the API docs on NSTextView but didn't find references to anything promising.

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  1. Any ideas
    2001-06-04 15:08:27  gregraven [View]

    • Any ideas
      2001-06-05 11:30:30  gadge47 [View]

  2. Any ideas
    2001-06-04 14:38:01  gregraven [View]

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