LaTeX: It's Not Just for Academia, Part 2
Subject:   PDFLaTeX seems slow...
Date:   2004-03-24 08:50:35
From:   plumcreek
...I'm trying LaTeX on my Pismo PowerBook (400Mhz) and it seems slow. I've used both the i-Installer version and the fink version (currently using). Even for a simple one-page letter it seems to take a couple minutes before I get my pdf.

Any suggestions on how to speed things up? ---or is this just the way it is. I have no frame of reference since I'm a brand-new LaTeX user. The only comparison I have is groff, which gives me a .ps file in about a second (I know the two programs are very different and I much prefer the output I get from LaTeX, but, like I said, I have no other frame of reference, I just want a completed pdf!)