Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   .NET DevCenter Editor reply
Date:   2001-06-04 15:10:49
From:   sanglin

Why cover Microsoft's development platform?

First, O'Reilly & Associates has a strong Microsoft books program, covering everything from client operating systems like Windows 98 and ME, to their server platforms, to a new series that will look at the same .NET topics that we'll be covering, including VB and C#.

Second, I see .NET as an important third platform for Net-centric development. I'm the editor for, covering that development platform. We also cover the Open Source development platform, with Linux and BSD at its core and technologies like Apache, MySQL, and PHP (the LAMP platform), as well as PostgreSQL, Python and Perl. We're watching .NET to see if it truly evolves as the third important platform for primarily server-side application and Web services development for the network including the Internet.

Third, Web services developers are interested in .NET because they increasingly have to work in large heterogeneous environments, where they have to know all three development platforms in terms of interoperability, in addition to the apparent innate curiosity about C#

Therefore, we launched this DevCenter with the intention to cover .NET for, of course, the Windows developer, as well as the open source LAMP, Java and XML developers who need to learn Web services and the programming languages and tools at the heart of .NET.

Hope you enjoy this center and please let me know if it's helpful as well as what else you'd like to see.