Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Good Move!
Date:   2001-06-04 15:37:41
From:   juantay
Response to: Good Move!


What you're forgetting is this:

Let me see if I can explain. Microsoft is about Marketing. This is basically all they know how to do. They don't need to worry about Innovation in the true meaning of the term. They just need to find ways to tie everything to their stuff.

The Open Community seeks Innovation.

You have the Yin and the Yang going on here. Except the Yang (or is it the Yin?) is not "Playing well with Others". And this "not playing well with others" in terms of the Yin is what drives them.

Microsoft Developers are very different from say Java Developers. Microsoft people believe programming is about Business. Java people about Innovation and the art itself.

What you have on the O'Reilly portal from the 'Business' perspective is praising Microsoft. What you have from the technical perspective is not as if you think the technical perspective, the logical perspective is the most important thing. But it's not the most important thing to Microsoft Developers, the most important thing for them is the 'Business' or 'Marketing' perspective. The most important part to Companies is the 'Business' or 'Marketing' perspective.

In other words, what it ends up being is that you'll just wind up promoting Microsoft because of the different 'species' that's being dealt with IHMO.

That's all I Have to Say.

Bill Gates is licking his chops at O'Reilly..


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