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  XML Data Binding with Castor
Subject:   Problem with castor.exolab.org/mapping.dtd
Date:   2004-03-25 09:38:41
From:   kmullin
I'm using the downloaded files from the article on XML Binding using Castor. But, when I execute the ViewAddressbook Java program, I get:

org.exolab.castor.mapping.MappingException: Nested error: java.net.UnknownHostException: Castor.exolab.org

I see a reference to this in my mapping file (which I downloaded). When I try to view this with my browser, using the URL


I get errors in my Internet Explorer, V6, that says:

Cannot have a DTD declaration outside of a DTD. Error processing resource 'http://castor.exolab.org/mapping.dtd'. Line 22, Position 11

So, the problem I am having is on your end (I think.)

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1 to 2 of 2