Setting Up Apple Remote Desktop
Subject:   Installing client
Date:   2004-03-26 19:23:10
From:   matx

It was true before 10.3 that you had to "install" the client software, but not anymore. In 10.3 all the clients have the ARD client, it is just not configured (i.e. turned on). It's a big difference. With remote login and an admin account you can ssh in and enable ARD for any user, or configure ARD on the client in your "build" before you image all the clients and all is ready for you. At least now if someone has 10.3 installed they could call and ask for help and you could tell then to enable the ARD remote control, where before you'd actually have to install it.

It's a great piece of software. ARD + OSX Server and you have a winning management solution.