End of Shutter Lag? The Contax SL300R T* Might Be the Sign of Good Things to Come
Subject:   Re: Thanks! Adding Metadata
Date:   2004-03-26 19:50:35
From:   derrick
Response to: Thanks!

You're most welcome. I'm sure you're going to enjoy shooting with this camera. I have some business in San Francisco tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to filling up an SD card using the Contax. Btw: I'm really getting hooked on the waist level shooting. It feels so much more comfortable.

I looked into the "owner name" question, and I do have a slick post processing trick if you have Photoshop CS (or 7 too I think). If you go to File > File Info, you can enter lots of metadata that persists with the image. I tried building an Action that would automatically enter this info for me, and it worked. So I ran the Automate command on an entire folder, and it processed an entire folder of images really fast.

I'm sure there is shareware that will handle this too, and maybe someone can chime in with some ideas.

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