WWDC Fires Up Java on Mac OS X
Subject:   My small dabble
Date:   2001-06-05 02:10:25
From:   pengo

I noticed right off the bat, OSX does a great job in managing the JVM/Classpath etc. The average user finds this as sort of a daunting task and can in a lot of cases be a huge barrier to entry for Java based applications to the desktop.

In OSX it's neat, the application icon to the user is really a folder that holds various bits including all your java files and even libraries etc. They never even KNOW it's a java application. It's a bit more work to do that on Linux or even Windows without using a install-generator, etc.

I also noticed that the performance was exceptable, and in some cases as good as simple code I was hacking out in Objective C. (OSX's overall responsiveness (lack of) doesn't really give much to compare too though). :)

I would say that Java on Apple is definately a hit. I am very anxous for a good book to come out on programming Cocoa on Java (hopefully from O'Reilly) so that I can dig deeper into it.