Giving the Simple Text Editor 'Legs'
Subject:   Debugging (was Getting Save Error)
Date:   2001-06-05 02:42:39
From:   halliday
Response to: Getting Save Error

As to the question: How does one go about debugging? When you say you "set a breakpoint in dataRepresentationOfType (on the first line we added) and it wasn't hit", did you simply run the app, or did you run it in debug mode?

Even if you have set breakpoints, if you don't run in debug mode, all breakpoints will be ignored.

(Incidentally, butting a breakpoint, or "NSLog" statement, here is a good idea---see if this method is even being called. If it's not being called, you may have created simply a Cocoa Application, rather than a Document based Application. [Just a thought.])

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