Carnivore: A System Admin's Concerns
Subject:   Why stop at selected targets
Date:   2001-06-05 10:36:55
From:   ironthorn
I think most people miss the ultimate and
unavoidable cost of Carnivore. Anything you ever
say in an email at any time will soon if not already be saved for posterity to hold against
you twenty years from now. With email you have
the one thing the Government has lusted after
years, a means to record ALL interaction between
people. By recording all email and voice conversations a warrent my be obtained to open
the records and prosecute for crimes, use as
evidence in divorce proceedings, evictions of
tenents, cival lawsuits, maybe even for things
as petty as reviews twenty years from now when
you are applying for a secure job with a Government institution.

Have you never said something that you wouldn't
want repeated ten years from now? By it's nature
recording ANY even those of the most vile in our
society is wrong. Nabbing a drug dealer by listening in on private conversations is as wrong
as listening to a love triangles juicy gossip.
American justice is founded on the myth that
every person is responsible for thier actions
and can be punished only for actions. Use of
email and voice translate to the punishment for
thinking about an action. Even if a direct order
to commit a crime is given it is still not an
action until the recipient attempts to carry the
order out. It is THEN that both parties have
become part of a crime.

For these two reasons I oppose ANY search of
email that does not deal with nuclear
or biological weapons. Those are only exempted
because the extinction of mankind takes precident
over cival liberties.

The rest I would not exempt because the loss of
liberty that storing email begets IS the extinction of man. If we are to be drone robots
with perfect thoughts then why bother with
biological units. You can easily make a drone
with current computer technology. All people have
something in thier closet. Capturing email will
open everyone's closets and bring all the
skeletons to light without seriously hindering
crime which rarely uses email in the first place.