Using a Request Filter to Limit the Load on Web Applications
Subject:   feedback.
Date:   2004-03-31 20:20:59
From:   diduknow
The most important message of the entire article has been mentioned in a single line CONCEALED between big images. The line in question.. "Requests are queued per session."

I think this is unfair. When I first saw the link, my first thought what kind of dope have you been smoking. If the server is not responding to your request, thats because there is massive build up of requests already and there is no thread available to process the request . Now in this situation you want to create a filter which handles load. Till the time I didnt read the above mentioned line I was think that you guys were joking and trying to show yet another use of the filter specification.

Ideally I would like to see this clarification happen earlier on in the article..

Honestly I quickly eye balled the complete article. So it is all the more important that such points are called out prominently. It means nothing if it is stated 10 times on the second page.

~ anand raman