Why Run Free Software on a PDA?
Subject:   PIM functions essential
Date:   2004-04-01 03:48:58
From:   beneden
I agree with the first response:

While I love the open source / portability concept, the real reason for me having a PDA are its PIM functions. In practical terms, I need something that will mirror the functionality of whatever program I happen to be using for the same purpose on my computer. Seamless and complete synchronization is essential.

If such functionality (in my case sync with Entourage OSX) existed, I'd jump on the linux/unix/bsd platform. (And run a synchronized wiki in place of using Entourage notes and a plethora of files and folders.)

As a side note - maybe PDAs are for geeks first and others later anyway: Even Palm's current PIM applications are a complete joke. But I can play video streams, music.. whatever. Not that I'm against multimedia.

Ben Eden, London UK

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