Creating Online Help with Tinderbox
Subject:   A good alternative to TinderBox...
Date:   2004-04-01 10:03:19
From:   jaysonadams
...for doing this kind of work is NoteBook from Circus Ponies Software (my company). You can create collections of pages, link them together, and then use the WYSIWYG HTML export feature to generate content viewable in any browser. I used it to put together NoteBook's online help system, which is also accessible from our website:

Setting up the frames took a little bit of glue code, but that's all I had to do by hand. The frame code lives inside of the Notebook, along with the regular content - I just say, "Export to HTML" and I have a complete folder that I drag into my NoteBook development project for inclusion in the app.

(This isn't a shameless plug - NoteBook really is good for this sort of thing!)