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Subject:   ssh does not handle the resource fork
Date:   2004-04-02 18:34:25
From:   avi
Just remember that scp will not copy the resource fork so you may end up with a file you cannot use.

You have to copy the file first and then the resource fork:

scp test.001491.shtml.webloc/rsrc imac:Desktop
scp test.001491.shtml.webloc/rsrc imac:Desktop/test.001491.shtml.webloc/rsrc

Another way that may work is to package the file in an archive before copying it.

One thing I didn't find a way to do yet is to scp a file which contains colons ":" in its name. Escaping the colons no single quoting the file name does not works.

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  1. ssh does not handle the resource fork
    2004-04-02 18:37:00  avi [View]

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