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Subject:   Re: Apple Laptop Keyboards Unsuitable for Unix Users
Date:   2004-04-02 23:27:30
From:   spike_s
Response to: Re: Apple Laptop Keyboards Unsuitable for Unix Users

Actually, I'm formerly with AppleCare Tech Support's Powerbook, PowerMac, and Service Provider support groups, and yes, the current Powerbooks including the Aluminum models all use ADB keyboards, it'd be nice if the design got updated to a USB one like most notebook manufacturers use now on the PC side of things, however USB keyboards are not cheap, even for desktops it seems. I can't find one for under $30, while I can readily find PS/2 ones for like $14 new. The original thread poster was very much in the know. uControl is THE utility for remapping USB keyboards from OS X. What I'd like to see really would be a powerbook with more than one trackpad button, since the circuitry is already there but not being used, it's an off the shelf part. Even putting a texture on the trackpad, like Toshiba has done for the scroll area on the right (which is supported, again, if you have uControl) would be nice. But alas, it's the Steve-effect, insulting us, these are things that are niceties like the etched glowing keycaps on some of the Powerbooks. It really is a shame when anonymous posters go on in threaded discussions like this trying to be condescending. Being able to remap a keyboard isn't about using a non-standard layout at all, it's about being able to use the system your own personal way. I know many Mac users who put everything on their desktop, does OS X support this? Yes, but it gently nudges you towards using the folders in your home directory. Apple just needs some gentle nudging. Steve listened when folks told him that the iMac "hockey-puck" style mouse really wasn't doing it for them, now we have Apple Pro Mouse, in 2 styles and 2 colors. Apple has to see a direct need to modify their product in a way that users will benefit. USB keyboards won't happen on Powerbook and iBook products until they are as cheap as or cheaper than sticking with the current ADB design. Then it's the engineers advantage, not just cost savings for the customer.