WET11 Upgrades
Subject:   'nother Addendum to msgs below
Date:   2004-04-04 21:17:12
From:   gitango
Let's add clarification ((hopefully not obfuscation) to the proposed setup:

There is a central LAN with a Netgear MR814 router attached to cable modem. The MR814 is hosting wired and wireless clients. Wireless currently using WEP. Router IP is currently Acts as gateway to cable modem.

Proposed is a remote LAN, preferably wired <ul.and wireless</ul>, which may consist of a Linksys BEFN2PS4 (this likely functions just like a BEFSR11) and perhaps a WET11 (or alternative) connected with Cat5 to the WAN port of the BEFN2. The WET11 will have a directional antenna to better communicate with the central MR814 wired/wireless router.

In an ideal world, a WAP11 or equivalent would hang off a client port on the BEFN2 and serve one or more wireless clients on the remote premises.

I don't see why this wouldn't work, but when I was reading about using a Netgear ME102 as the remote wireless access client it could only support a LAN of

clients. Is this a limitation of the ME102, and would the Linksys product(s) have the same limitation?

Is this feasible, or just a pipe dream?

Thanks in advance for your insight.