Weblog:   Mozilla and the potential for interaction
Subject:   Open XUL Alliance - Creating A Rich Internet For Everyone
Date:   2004-04-04 23:21:54
From:   gerald_bauer

You might wonna check out the Open XUL Alliance site @ that lists many alternative open source XUL motors/runtimes/browsers/players such as SwiXML, Ibex (formerly XWT), Luxor, Thinlet, and so on.

Also if you want to connect up with fellow XUL coders or designer sign up for the International XUL Meetup Day. More @

- Gerald

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  1. XUL is not a generic term
    2004-04-05 09:06:06  martijnw [View]

    • Jono Bacon photo XUL is not a generic term
      2004-04-05 09:08:40  Jono Bacon | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      • XUL is not a generic term
        2004-04-06 03:59:11  dmh [View]

        • XUL/XUI/XAML are generic terms not trademarks
          2004-04-07 01:45:19  gerald_bauer [View]

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