Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Sunshine Soldiers
Date:   2001-06-06 07:04:29
From:   mpnugent
I'm disappointed, but not with O'Reilly.

I hate M$ more than any person I know, and I hate their practices even more than I hate their crippled software. After 3 years of M$-- before which I ran GEM and CP/M-- I banned Gates from my home in Apr 1992. I purchased Coherent, then discovered Yggdrasil. Years later, I divorced a girlfriend because she believed I should permit an M$ laptop into my home.

Having described myself, I will direct my disappointment at most of the responses to O'Reilly's .NET statement.

O'Reilly has dedicated a great deal to the Open Source movement. They have advanced the movement more than most of us. I admit that O'Reilly is a corporation, and I confess general trepidation towards corporations and their far-reaching agendas, but O'Reilly's rationale seems justifiable. Isn't Open Source about sharing ideas? Making use of what we know?

Knowledge is power, and O'Reilly empowers us. I don't suggest we follow any entity blindly, even Raymond, RMS, or Torvalds, but we should take what they're offering and use it to advance the movement.

Simply being on a bandwagon does not imply we're helping that wagon move. O'Reilly helps it move.

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