Perl Program Repair Shop and Red Flags
Subject:   Turning the Tides on Perl's Attitude Toward Beginners
Date:   2001-06-06 12:08:11
From:   cedmond
The subject of this post is the title of another article listed on the home page of The idea expressed in the title is something that the author of this article should think about. I'm sure he is very proud of himself for pointing out the "wretchedness" of some beginner's code, however during the process of learning anything it is inevitable that one will create something less than perfect before learning the most efficient way. The role of the experienced programmer should be to encourage those that are learning, to guide them through their mistakes without degrading them and show them why there are better ways to do it. After all isn't the perl motto "There is more than one way to do it"? If one of those ways happens to be the beginner's way, then so be it.