Why O'Reilly and .NET?
Subject:   Sunshine Soldiers
Date:   2001-06-06 12:38:16
From:   avengingangel
Response to: Sunshine Soldiers

This is one thing that I find very compelling and curious in the anti-gates world. How many of you who flame and flame at the thought of gates still own an M$ peripheral or dual boot with window$ so you can play Diablo2? I'll admit it. I own a copy of 98 and a copy of 2000pro. 98 is horrible but not nearly the memory and processor hog that 2000 is, while 2000 runs relatively well, aside from thrashing like hell.
The main reason that I've left the M$ bridge intact behind me is because my wife refuses to learn how cool (and insanely powerful) alternative OSes can be. Myself, I'm increasing my learning curve so I can host a local website and small lan effectively. In doing so I'm having trouble finding replacements for all my M$ crud but I'm trying very hard to do so in order to be consistent in my M$ bashing to my friends. To put a point behind my ramblings, I was wondering how many of you are diehard anti-M$ers yet still, albeit begrudgingly, dual boot a PC with some ver of win? Since this seems to be the point of these flames, do any of you have any honest and well thought out criticisms of O'Reilly's decision to report on other words, do any more of you have direct responses to the article above? Remember, I'm asking for well-formulated responses and not mere juvenile anti-M$ flaming, if you have a brain, display it. If not, butt out.

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