Cross-Browser Layers, Part One
Subject:   Author's response - short extra note
Date:   2001-06-07 12:02:10
From:   stignygaard
Response to: Author's response

I just read this part one one more time, and got in dought...

> Layers are a nice technology that
> can be used for submenus, absolute
> positioning, animation, etc.
> Killing them prematurely is a total
> waste.

You are aware of Netscape 6 IS supporting layers, but not the NS4.x way of layers ? NS6 support layers the W3C-way. And so does does IE5+.

You can't use the <LAYER> tag in NS4.x, and you can't use document.layers, but you CAN use <DIV> and you CAN use document.getElementById.


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