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Subject:   How does Objective-C compare to Java?
Date:   2001-06-10 13:39:14
From:   e:)s
I'm new into programming languages - or programming in general. Scripting Filemaker is as close as it gets for me. But I want to change all that the comming weeks, now that I have a summer holiday comming up and this brave new Mac on my desk.

So far I found out from various websites (like this one) that programming in either Java or Cocoa would be the best way for me to get up-to-date 'quickly' with developing on the Mac. Since I prefer being able to develop web-applications and cross-platform applications, I consider Java the most interesting option for me.

However, what is not clear for me is this: what is the mayor difference between Java and opbjective-C in power from the programmers point of view? I assume they both have their respective adventages and drawbacks, but I can't find out what they are!

I know Objective C stems from some 'ancient' structural language and that Java has been more modern and Object Oriented from the start. But how do they ultimately compare?

Anybody willing to share their insights?

BTW, I' ve posted this thread also to an earlier article about Java on the Mac. Just so you know...

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  1. Michael Beam photo How does Objective-C compare to Java?
    2001-06-12 04:28:09  Michael Beam | O'Reilly Author [View]

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