The Trouble with JXTA
Subject:   Standards, standards, standards
Date:   2001-06-11 18:55:18
From:   dalexis
It's interesting how much of the current P2P "pioneers" are so hostile against the creation of standards. Whether JXTA will become the predominant standard or not is not an issue. And while I agree with the opinion that we'd rather not see giants like Sun dictating standards (especially when they'll try to lock you in to Java), you have to at least give them credit for getting serious with the standards discussion.

Langley and others are starting to sound like Timmy McVeigh with weird fears about the big ol' gov'ment squashing free speech. Please! It's time to realize that standards are necessary. P2P will die if it continues with the anachistic chaos of protocols that currently exist! And YES, "standards" like JXTA have their place because P2P can be used for many more productive scenarios than silly, adolecent attempts to circumvent copyrights and evil "censorship".

Grow up, pack the ego in the closet, and lets get on with some real work.