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Subject:   How does Objective-C compare to Java?
Date:   2001-06-12 04:28:09
From:   mikebeam
Response to: How does Objective-C compare to Java?

You're right, for cross platform and eb applications its pretty hard to beat Java. Objective-C stems from Smalltalk, which is the grand-daddy of Object-Oriented Programming languages. Objective-C is a purely object-oriented, always has been.

Personally, I like Objective-C For a lot of the reasons in the article you mentioned. On a trivial level, i much prefer Objective-C's syntax over Java's. Its cleaner, and it is fundamentally different from the function constructs that are in C, and used in Java. I like how argument names are explicity included in the method name; it's self documenting that way, once you know what you're looking at it's much easier to read.

I don't think Objective-C is any less modern than Java. Another thing i like is the organuzation of the Cocoa frameworks. Java seems to be a bit of a mess in that respect. Thats just my opinion though. When i was learning JAva i was already familiar with Objective-C, and many of the things i learned in Java seemed intuitively backwards from the way it was done in Obj-C.

Those are some thoughts of mine. Hope it helps. I would learn both. If you learn C well, then you will alreayd have a leg up with both, as much of the syntax is closely related in Java and Obj-C.