Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   builds... but still problems.
Date:   2001-06-15 22:14:04
From:   thebod
Response to: doesn't build

Ok, my mistake on not seeing I was supposed to make colorWell an outlet. It now builds but the application doesn't quite work. None of the text fields get updated as I move the sliders, but the colorWell does get updated. I can manually enter a value in the text fields and change the colorWell, but the sliders don't get repositioned.

The following line:
[blueField setFloatValue:sender];

and all the other like it, is incorrect according to the compiler. I get errors like "incompatible type for argument 1of setFloatValue". (passing in blueValue makes the compiler happy...)

I still can't figure out what is wrong with the first line in updateColor...

On an unrelated topic, is there a C++ interface to the Cocoa APIs? I really hate Objective-C.

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  1. builds... but still problems.
    2001-06-18 15:19:19  snoyes [View]

    • Why setFloatvalue:sender?
      2002-03-12 10:09:28  spiffyman [View]

      • Why setFloatvalue:sender?
        2002-03-12 10:13:30  spiffyman [View]

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