Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Reply to thebod's posts, and correction
Date:   2001-06-16 03:46:57
From:   mikebeam

For some reason, I couldn't reply directly to those posts, so here i am. You're correct about that line of code, and it should be fixed at the beginning of the week. Sorry for any frustration that might have caused you.

In response to thebod's other question, no there is not a C++ Cocoa API. There's a Java API, which i've not worked with,but i've read elsewhere that its not as complete as the Objective-C API. Just out of curiosity, why do you dislike Objective-C so much? Obj-C is the first Object-Oriented Programming language i learned. I like it better than Java anyway. I've never used C++, so i'd be interested to hear your opinion about how it compares to Obj-C.

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  1. Reply to thebod's posts, and correction
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  2. Reply to thebod's posts, and correction
    2001-06-17 21:28:13  thebod [View]

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