A Stroll Through the Apple Store
Subject:   Apple Store Expectations
Date:   2001-06-18 13:00:34
From:   foxxx333
To say that Apple can increase public awareness of its products through its entry into the retail market place is not without merit. It depends on the execution. To judge by the article describing the author's Tyson's Corner experience I have to say that Apple has made a good start. Should new Apple stores be faithul to the model of the first Apple store, one can expect an increasing public awareness. It is hard to measure the "word-of-mouith" factor, but Apple's marketing team should make the effort to find out what consumer reaction is. A tie-in between favorable user experience and Apple's institutional advertisements may provide impetus to convince a broader public to venture within the confines of the Apple Store. The Genius Bar may replace the coffee bar as THE place to congegrate. Time will tell, but it appears to this observer that Apple may be able to leverage favorable customer assessments of the Apple Store experience into increasing market share.

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