Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   controls not visible in color meter run
Date:   2001-06-18 19:01:38
From:   psheldon
I am a physicist and newton programmer and was happy that Mike Beam, physicist, wrote articles on programming in objective c . I hope to eventually develope supercomputer aps in cocoa to win a postdoc mentor to coauthor with.
I started this color meter in interface builder and then created source only later adding nib and source to a cocoa application in project builder . The controls don't show in the window .
I suggest that the window and its controls were born in the wrong context by making the project in this order . I am going to try it once again in a different order, but, if it doesn't work, I'm lost, so I wanted to put in the question early .

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  1. made controls visible
    2001-06-18 20:37:43  psheldon [View]

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