Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   made controls visible
Date:   2001-06-18 20:37:43
From:   psheldon
Response to: controls not visible in color meter run

Context was key. Had made ControlWindow.nib and the cocoa ap in project builder didn't know how to hook to it automatically like the standard (given) mainmenu.nib. Rebuilt in another folder very fast because I had learned in the first pass through the paper.
It took awhile of playing to catch on that transparency was to the two triangles, black and white "underneath". Enabled on the color well attribute meant that it was enabled for input with a double click that launched the picker. Double click is some sort of "polymorphic gesture" or interface guideline.
No response until I drag on transparency. Wish I had feel for "why" this was so.
Hope this helps and someone has a "why".