Creating a Color Meter Using Cocoa
Subject:   Color wheel...
Date:   2001-06-20 08:26:02
From:   davidmasters
Response to: Color wheel...

I tried a similar approach, and it does work.

To get the color I converted it to a named color space (to ensure I could then get the red, green, blue values), and then used getRed:green:blue:alpha to extract the individual values.

Can someone confirm if this is the right approach?

NSColor *aColor = [[sender color] colorUsingColorSpaceName:@"NSDeviceRGBColorSpace"];

[aColor getRed:&redValue green:&greenValue blue:&blueValue alpha:&alphaValue];

Remember to use & when passing these parameters - you have floats, the method is expecting float *.

After that, just set the floatValue of the sliders and text fields, and everything should work.


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