BBEdit 6.1 for Mac OS X
Subject:   Perl
Date:   2001-06-22 04:44:08
From:   pmccann
Response to: Perl

Along the "drag a folder into a window for a listing line", the following is also nice. Command-drag gives the full path to the file or folder being dragged. The OSX finder --surprise, surprise-- puts a bit of a spanner in the works in that that you have to hold the command modifier after beginning the drag of a *file*, but for something like perl, where you're wanting to insert the complete path it sure beats typing it by hand.

(It was unclear from the applescript paragraph of the story, but unless I'm mistaken the "script editor" that opens in BBEdit will simply be Apple's familiar and pathetic script editor, still with the trademark 32K limitation, no find and replace etc etc. Unless of course you've installed something nice like script debugger and set the preferences in BBEdit to reflect this. In essence: I don't think the applescript support is really worth crowing about. Then again, applescript is pretty shaky under OSX in any case.)